February 2023 Monthly Report
About Maitri Capital
The firm is an institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology, bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto through adaptation and implementation of proven, effective strategies.
The team brings extensive knowledge and a wealth of expertise from institutional investment management and compliance through to cutting-edge blockchain technology and quant trading. Maitri's collective experience comes from tier one institutions including J.P. Morgan, Nomura, Citi Bank, Goldman Sachs and UBS.
Maitri Capital was co-founded by Thomas Caddick, who previously held senior roles at Nomura, CIMB and JP Morgan. Thomas was also CIO of Temsi Capital in Monaco.
Maitri Capital's Alternative Investment Funds are regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and provide investors with exposure to liquid quant trading and multi-stage venture capital.
The trading models and investment processes are successfully implemented in the traditional asset management space and are currently managing funds across several asset classes.