Maitri Capital

Maitri Method: The Ecosystem Effect

There is a very popular and often coyly used saying — “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. While most regularly linked to braggadocio related to a good deal or accessing something otherwise unavailable, there is some truth in the phrase, including in the realms of blockchain and crypto.
The inner workings of Maitri Capital have long been in development, with our now-established team, structures, processes and strategies the result of months of research, market comparison and analysis, and strategic testing. The external strength has been under construction for much longer.

Our Ecosystem

In every sector of business, establishing a network for growth is crucial to success. To do it alone, while possible, is hard, and let’s be honest, unnecessary!
The Maitri Capital ecosystem already comprises established entities with loyal communities in different areas of the crypto space. This external strength provides us with access to a network of reputable projects within the space, further increasing exposure and reach. This grants us immediate access to a vast array of potential opportunities for our investors, being able to provide a stream of promising projects from multiple sectors in web3.
Liberty Gaming, our sister company positioned at the core of the GameFI space, is effectively an ecosystem in itself with an already firmly established community and partner network.
Composed of a growing guild and community, high-grade investment team, incubation arm and stellar global partner network, Liberty Gaming represents a new wave of GameFi organisation and an entry portal to GameFi for everyone.
SkyLaunch, the other member of our group, is yet another perfect addition as a Maitri Capital ally. As a multi-chain launchpad offering both pre-IDO acceleration and a post-IDO alliance network, SkyLaunch is positioned to be a prominent entity within the blockchain space and the launchpad of choice for vast numbers of projects.
SkyLaunch is a true multi-chain IDO platform that goes beyond the initial capital raise by connecting passionate early-stage projects with the tools, finance and support network for long-term success.
The effect of this firmly established ecosystem being in position before the launch of Maitri Capital is, for us, a crucial factor in assisting the accelerated growth of our network within the blockchain space. To have two partners in crucial sectors of the space, both with their own partner assessment processes and expansive networks, is sure to provide us with a consistent flow of high-quality, early-stage investment opportunities.

About Maitri Capital

Maitri was formed in 2021 by an experienced management team, each with nearly 20 years of investment experience in multiple areas, from institutional investment management through to the latest cutting-edge blockchain technology and crypto.
The joint experiences of the team enable Maitri to maintain the dynamic heart of crypto and blockchain investments whilst underpinning this with extensive knowledge of institutional risk management, compliance and oversight. This is augmented by crypto subject matter experts to provide holistic coverage of a rapidly evolving space.
Maitri Capital is the early-stage investor of choice for ambitious founders and projects.