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Maitri Capital: The Future of Web3 and Blockchain Investing

Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, decentralised finance, web3.0, all of these terms are becoming more and more commonplace by the day. While the financial markets within the crypto landscape, much like traditional finance, go through their highs and lows, you don’t have to look too deep below the surface to see that even in more volatile conditions all is much more positive than it seems. Crypto and blockchain technology is going mainstream, with some of the biggest global brands today making the transition into web3. For this reason, we’re incredibly proud to introduce Maitri Capital, a pioneering web3 FCA regulated hedge fund and an investment entry point into the most promising projects the blockchain space has to offer.
Through just a little research, we can find huge brands making the transition to web3 and creating a presence in the space. Warner Music, Disney, Starbucks, Nike, J.P. Morgan to name but a few, are just a tiny example of the names to be found making this move, and this is no coincidence. The idea that crypto, blockchain tech and the metaverse are the next natural successors to centralised finance, technological development and the internet is becoming globally accepted as fact rather than a bubble that will burst.
These huge brands and institutions making this transition is cause for excitement, but we must not overlook the fact they are moving into the space through many brilliant projects and virtual platforms that already exist within web3, with more and more hugely promising projects being launched in every sector of the space.

The Maitri Mission

Maitri seeks and empowers the most promising projects in Web3, enabling the growth, development and success of blockchain entrepreneurs, building towards a decentralized future.
At Maitri, we pride ourselves on successfully seeking out returns on investments throughout the entire market lifecycle, whether we are experiencing positive trends, negative, or market volatility. In order to successfully maximise returns in all conditions, we employ a dynamic asset allocation strategy, adjusting both our holdings and the type of investments we target to enhance risk-mitigation and ensure continuous ROI.

The Existing Challenge

There are a number of challenges and barriers in the space currently that our approach looks to negate for investors.
Firstly, the late arrival of asset managers to the crypto markets and the technical and infrastructure barriers they are faced with when they arrive.
Then of course, there is the fact that, at this moment in time at least, there are the unconventional communication channels broadly employed, with the likes of Telegram, Discord and Reddit preferred over more mainstream platforms. Investors face custody issues and market to market restrictions that make it a challenge — and in some cases even prevent — holding crypto and blockchain investments.
Finally, in spite of the growth of the crypto and blockchain space, there is still somewhat of a lack of understanding among regular fund managers, and this itself becomes a further barrier to investing into the space.

The Maitri Approach

At Maitri, we have selected some important focal points that, when combined, become a strategy that will build investor trust, and ensure a consistent flow of only the most promising investments.
This strategy begins with institutional level due diligence, leaving no stone unturned to ensure we identify those projects with the greatest chance of succeeding. We take it upon ourselves to dive deeply into not only the projects themselves, but into the founders and team, technical architecture, infrastructure and the solutions they offer.
Alongside this detailed project assessment, there is analysis of market sentiment and current trends within the niche of each and every project to ensure any partnership would represent an optimal growth opportunity.
The final key points to highlight focus on one of the most crucial steps on a secure investment strategy; diversification. For this reason, we bring diversification in to our approach on two different levels.
Initially, we look to invest into a diverse selection of asset classes, spanning locked and unlocked tokens, equity, staking programmes, liquid tokens and decentralised finance.
To strengthen further, we diversify across a variety of sectors within the blockchain space including DeFi, Metaverse, collateralised lending, security protocols and much more.
This effectively dual-layer diversification strategy, coupled with the highest levels of due diligence highlighted above, ensure our investment portfolio is built of a broad selection of multiple asset classes from the finest projects across the blockchain space.

The Maitri Edge

In addition to the aforementioned points that combine to become our investment strategy, we have identified a number of key areas as the foundations through which we plan to execute our strategy and adhere to diligently, resulting in the consistent returns we have targeted and believe are attainable, regardless of market conditions. These include:
  • Technical Talent
  • Leadership and Experience
  • Value Add Investing
  • High-Calibre Deal Flow and Pipeline
  • Expansive Network
  • Solid Infrastructure and Processes
  • Dynamic Investment Allocation
We will take a deeper look into exactly what Maitri brings to the table in each of these areas in later articles, providing evidence of not only the strength and experience within our team and processes, but additionally, the incredible ecosystem that supports us and the wider reaching network that will enable us to execute secure investment with consistent returns.
To summarize, Maitri Capital takes the hard work, research and risk-assessment out of the way of the investor, using our combined extensive expertise and knowledge to unearth the best and brightest projects in every sector of the blockchain space. This knowledge, in conjunction with our group partners Liberty Gaming — a Web3, GameFi and MetaVerse as a Service (MaaS) Ecosystem backed by Tier-1 funds like Animoca Brands, and SkyLaunch, a multi-chain IDO platform, backed by Jump Capital, a Tier-1 Market Maker and VC, come together to ensure a consistent pipeline of opportunities to assist in the growth and development of the future of web3.

About Maitri Capital

Maitri was formed in 2021 by an experienced management team, each with nearly 20 years of investment experience in multiple areas, from institutional investment management through to the latest cutting-edge blockchain technology and crypto.
The joint experiences of the team enables Maitri to maintain the dynamic heart of crypto and blockchain investments whilst underpinning this with extensive knowledge of institutional risk management, compliance and oversight. This is augmented by crypto subject matter experts to provide holistic coverage of a rapidly evolving space.
Maitri is the early stage investor of choice for ambitious founders and projects.