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Maitri Method: Strategies for Success

In the world of investment and asset management, to achieve repeated success and consistent, long-term returns requires a lot of knowledge. In the world of blockchain, which we still must view as an emerging market, there has been, and in fact still is, a lot of experimentation happening in terms of strategy.
At Maitri Capital, we don’t see success as simply ROI; to us, success is much more than that. Success to us is enabling innovation, empowering projects and entrepreneurs, initiating growth and development in the web3 space, and yes, of course, making a little profit for our hard work! We have assembled immense knowledge, a hugely beneficial ecosystem and a number of strategies and approaches which, when combined, will achieve everything mentioned above.

Investment Strategies

The first thing to mention here is how important what and who we invest in is to us. While of course an important goal for any investor is returns, the impact we create through the opportunities we take is central to our entire philosophy.
A key part of our focus is on impact investments; founders and projects that we believe are going to make a real difference. The rapidly evolving space of blockchain technology is producing evermore impactful solutions every day, with brilliant minds conceiving the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions and improvements to real problems, creating huge social, market and global impact. These are the projects we want to empower, these are the founders we want to assist.

Leave No Stone Unturned

As the ever-increasing-with-popularity acronym, DYOR (do your own research!) suggests, due diligence is crucial when investing. You’ll be pleased to know we are not going to say DYOR, because that’s precisely what we do!
As mentioned in our opening article, we conduct incredibly thorough deep-dives into every aspect of the projects we select and research as potential investment opportunities. Furthermore, our investment team are going to be kept hard at work due to our close collaboration with our sister projects, providing a consistent pipeline of opportunities!
On one side, we have Liberty Gaming, a GameFi ecosystem with an already vast network of both established and early-stage projects, and continuing to unearth the finest opportunities the blockchain gaming space is relentlessly producing.
On the other side, we have SkyLaunch, an innovative, multi-chain IDO platform, accelerator programme and post-IDO alliance network. Moreover, SkyLaunch already has its own stringent due diligence process in place, providing a well-vetted pipeline of projects from every sector of the blockchain space.


When building our strategy, we identified two clear diversification layers in order to best manage risk. Nobody likes to hear that word, but there’s no escaping the fact it’s always there!
The first to mention here is spreading our investment across multiple sectors within the blockchain space. In spite of the general ‘emerging’ feel around blockchain, there are a number of already well established sectors, namely gaming, DeFi (decentralised finance), security, lending/borrowing, and infrastructure protocols including blockchains themselves.
The rapid evolution in these areas and the already visible development beginning in other areas including healthcare, banking, real estate, supply chain management and much more, provides a glimpse of the future impact of blockchain technology.
To further strengthen our strategy, we have built asset-class diversification into our business model, along with low-risk liquid strategies, adding greater levels of risk-management. A variety of assets come under consideration including governance tokens, NFTs and equity, in addition to market neutral liquid strategies focussing on staking and secured lending, while keeping an eye out for further opportunities in this fast growing space.

Dynamic Approach

As I’m sure most of you are aware, much like any market, the world of cryptocurrency goes through market cycles, experiencing uptrends, downtrends, volatility and periods of calm. This is nothing new, and has been studied in every financial market since the dawn of trading and investing.
It is with this in mind, the final part of the Maitri Capital strategy to mention is our dynamic asset allocation model. This can be explained quite simply; shifting our investment ratio between token/equity investments and liquid strategies depending on market conditions.
In typical or more favourable conditions, the strategy would swing towards token and equity investments into early-stage, promising projects, while in more volatile markets, we would lean further into market neutral strategies, admittedly reducing returns, but crucially, reducing risk further.
We talked about the experience of our team in our last article, and it is this quite incredible experience and knowledge that has enabled us to construct such a detail-oriented and meticulous approach with our investment model. To be able to combine knowledge built over years of successful experience in financial services, venture capital, equity and early-stage start-up investment and more, all from both the traditional finance and blockchain worlds, gives us the knowledge, expertise and market understanding to execute these disciplined but powerful strategies.

About Maitri Capital

Maitri was formed in 2021 by an experienced management team, each with nearly 20 years of investment experience in multiple areas, from institutional investment management through to the latest cutting-edge blockchain technology and crypto.
The joint experiences of the team enables Maitri to maintain the dynamic heart of crypto and blockchain investments whilst underpinning this with extensive knowledge of institutional risk management, compliance and oversight. This is augmented by crypto subject matter experts to provide holistic coverage of a rapidly evolving space.
Maitri Capital is the early stage investor of choice for ambitious founders and projects.