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Venture Capital and Investors Bring More than Just Money

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In the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, we are seeing boundaries being pushed, new technological use cases appearing and our grasp of the technology in our hands improving by the day. To bring these new ideas, innovations and applications to fruition there is one ever-present factor; the required funding.
This is where the role of the venture capital firm, angel investor or investment firm comes into play, and it is a crucial piece of the innovation model. However, when most hear these terms, they simply think of money, believing these VC and investment firms' sole focus is ROI. I can assure you that at most, and certainly at Maitri Capital, that is not the case.
There are a variety of positive factors that an investment firm brings to the table, and while they may be attainable from other sources, to have them all within one, trusted investor and partner is incredibly valuable.


Yes, of course, there are more as I mentioned, but a key challenge a VC or investor solves is funding. One of the main challenges faced by start-ups is financial, with this being especially true for blockchain start-ups, which require a significant amount of capital to develop and scale their products or services. Venture capital and investment firms provide the necessary funding for these innovative start-ups, enabling them to bring their ideas to fruition.


Moving away from the money side, there is the additional provision of valuable expertise and mentorship to their portfolio companies. This is an incredibly important factor for blockchain start-ups, as the industry is still in its early stages and constantly evolving, making knowledge of the space all the more crucial. Venture capitalists can help these start-ups navigate the challenges and opportunities of the blockchain space.


As we’ve highlighted in previous articles regarding the Maitri Capital ecosystem, VCs and investors are sure to bring a wide network of industry connections and resources that they can tap into to help their portfolio companies succeed. This includes access to services, partners, and other key players in the ecosystem.


Investors don’t just write cheques for fun! A potential investment opportunity will be put under the spotlight, with deep dives conducted into every area of the business. This means receiving funding can also be seen as a stamp of approval for a start-up, indicating that their idea, technology and business model are viable and worth investing in. This adds huge strength to the project, helping to attract additional funding and resources, in addition to boosting the company’s credibility in the market.
In short, venture capital and investment firms are crucial for blockchain start-ups, providing an array of essential tools and knowledge to help these companies grow from ideation to success.
Here at Maitri Capital, we’re always on the lookout for people with great ideas for promising projects throughout the blockchain space. We bring a huge amount of experience to the table in multiple key areas, including the financial world, technological developments, and of course business growth and management.
A key point of focus for how we work with our portfolio projects is freedom. We do bring to the table vital knowledge, and while some may use this asset to wield power, we simply offer guidance and support where it’s needed. We look closely for where we can use our strengths to fill gaps in infrastructure to ensure the potential we have seen has the best chance of becoming a reality.

About Maitri Capital

Maitri was formed in 2021 by an experienced management team, each with nearly 20 years of investment experience in multiple areas, from institutional investment management to the latest cutting-edge blockchain technology and crypto.
The joint experiences of the team enable Maitri to maintain the dynamic heart of crypto and blockchain investments whilst underpinning this with extensive knowledge of institutional risk management, compliance and oversight. This is augmented by crypto subject matter experts to provide holistic coverage of a rapidly evolving space.
Maitri Capital is the early-stage investor of choice for ambitious founders and projects.